Programming for lazy humans

Being lazy is a perfectly legit reason to learn a bit of programming. Being lazy is good. All things being equal, we bias towards being lazy - finding the easiest path to a problem with the least amount of friction. You should learn programming, just so you can automate the repetitive and monotonous tasks we do in everyday work and personal lives.

Minimum Effective Dose for Typing Speed

It's said that 80% of all English sentences can be formed using just 200 most common words. So, what if mastering 200 commonly used words in everyday writing was my MED?

The Online Cooking Recipe Ecosystem is Fucking up the Customer Experience (CX)

Why is the state of the recipes on the internet so fucked up? They start with the life story of the tomato, and are peperred with ads, and popups. The whole experience of consuming a recipe is a fucking nightmare. Why? Is there way out that works for everyone in this ecosystem?

Hey Amit, are you still doing Stand-up Comedy?

The one question I get asked a lot by friends, and family is if I am still doing Stand-up comedy. I usually side-step it. But, here's the most definitive answer.

For God's sake, follow your dreams

We all had some crazy ideas and dreams when we were kids. When people asked - "What do you want to do when you grow up?" you didn't say "I want to play safe and be an executive for a fortune 100 company" or "I want to work for the government for the job security"? You wanted to do something that excited you, that you were passionate about - "Armed forces, scientist, sports, music, dance, miss world" etc. You didn't even think if that would get you enough money. You just wanted to do it.

Being a Developer Evangelist